Reconciliation in Christ

ICSM provides facilitated mediations for disputes within churches and the Christian community.  Using an innovative and Christ-centered approach, ICSM helps groups work through conflict in practical ways.

Facilitated Conflict Resolution

Despite the fact that we Christians think we are not supposed to be in conflict, the truth is real Christians have real disputes—the kind of messy conflicts that call for concrete, productive solutions.

ICSM’s conflict resolution efforts look to Jesus Christ at the center of our relationships. ICSM does not believe effective mediation involves imposed Biblical rules, emotional manipulation, or fostering shame. Rather, utilizing an innovative, multi-phased approach, ICSM seeks to help Christians in conflict refocus on the Lord, engage in authentic conversation, and work toward a collaborative resolution.

Mediation may be appropriate for disputes between or among church staff members, officers, congregational groups, pastors, committees, and governing bodies. Ideally, parties recognize the need for mediation early and seek assistance before a dispute reaches deeper levels. Mediations also can be helpful in some disciplinary and remedial cases.

Parties may initiate a mediation together or one party may ask ICSM for assistance in starting the process.  Participation is always voluntary.  The parties determine how issues such as confidentiality should be handled.

Relying on the grace of God, the aim in every mediation is for the parties to be reconciled to one another in Christ.

For more information or to request conflict resolution assistance, contact Rev. Sarah Kromer at 704-554-2490 or [email protected].

Conflict and Reconciliation Training

In addition to facilitating mediations, ICSM offers training on Biblical, theological, and practical aspects of conflict resolution. Training workshops can be tailored for those who assist people in conflict situations or Christians who simply seek to know more about conflict and reconciliation.  For information on how to bring conflict resolution training to your church or organization, please call or e-mail Rev. Sarah Kromer at 704-554-2490 or [email protected].

ICSM also regularly offers a workshop called the Perspectives on Conflict and Reconciliation Workshop. 


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